I honestly don’t even know what kind of following this Tumblr has anymore. School and soccer and life didn’t really allow me to keep up with it much this past year. As much as I haven’t posted, everyone I follow on here has literally made me feel like I’m apart of a little family. I always log on after a USWNT game of any sort to see what everyone thought about it and to laugh at all of the funny/cute gifs and pictures the incredible fans have already posted. I truly do believe that they have the best fans in the entire world. It’s no secret that women’s soccer has taken quite a hit within the last year due to the folding of the WPS league, but the players of the national team provide us all with hope. They continue to play and fight and keep us all involved on and off the field because they know we all love the game as much as they do. They deserve a fan-base like the one they have because I honestly believe they would do anything for the sport. They would do anything to make sure young players, like myself, never give up on the dream to play soccer. As I watched them come back from an early deficit yesterday, I felt so proud to be apart of their journey. That’s all they want. They want to show the world that they are THE best, and they want us all to be apart of it. So as we all set our DVR’s to record every game, every interview, every second of their journey, and as we celebrate their hard work and courage and strength in our own homes; I know they are feeling it in London. The road to gold might be a long, stressful one, but after yesterday’s game, I know it’s going to be some of the best soccer I’ve ever watched. So here’s to the USA Women’s National Team coming home with the gold they deserve. Here’s to them sucking the whole country in, just like at the World Cup, and showing everyone what soccer is all about. Gold or no gold (but let’s get real) this team has brought so many people together, and that counts for everything.